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In order for this business model to work, Sky Mall needs to continue to be carried on nearly every domestic flight to maintain its access to this captive audience of travelers.It's not disclosed how large these fees are, but in 1999 (their last annual report), it was only around 5% of revenues.For most of its history, Sky Mall has been a private company so its financial information is not well disclosed.

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They wouldn't carry any products, they'd just be a magazine where other companies could advertise.

These companies would either pay a flat advertising fee or pay Sky Mall a percentage of each transaction.

Taking a percentage of each transaction and an advertising fee has been a durable model for Sky Mall.

According to company President Christine Aguilera, they get approximately 100 requests a week from prospective companies to have their products featured in Sky Mall.

When a purchase was made, it would have to be quickly transported to the gate.

And it seemed no one really wanted Sky Mall branded-luggage.

They're not even products that a reasonable person could anticipate wanting until they've seen it -- a baseball bat shaped pepper grinder, a vacuum cleaner to catch flies, an alien butler drink tray, a helmet that promises to regrow your hair using lasers.

Having entertained ourselves by thumbing through the Sky Mall catalogue hundreds of times in our lives, but never having purchased anything, we were curious. As we were researching the economics of the Sky Mall business model, a darker story emerged.

The cheapest option, a quarter page, costs K per issue.

Below are the monthly rates to buy space in Sky Mall (it's required you buy three months at a time).

Today, when you see a product advertised on Sky Mall, the company selling the product is paying handsomely for the opportunity.

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