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"If you're a guy and you put up there, I'm sure you'd get a couple of hits. Once you have a conversation, it would fall apart pretty quickly, like when she asks you what you like about the book." Tweaking your book picks to attract would-be partners is okay with co-founder Matt Sherman.

"On Facebook, there's an element of a persona - you put out an image.

"My goal is for someone to get married as a result of it," Ms. At the same time, the literary likes and dislikes are important because people use them as "signifiers." "I've noticed that a lot of women put that they don't like Charles Bukowski or Jack Kerouac," Ms. Launched two months ago, the dating site has attracted 4,000 members, including Chin Ma, a 25-year-old New York consultant who joined in July.

(Both are MBA grads from Harvard Business School.) The site has attracted 50,000 visitors, with a few hundred registered.

Hello lady, I am Karl, from Europe, South Germanyhalf of 80, in the middle of choose conection,crystal blue eyes, brown short hair, no beard Healthy, slimm and sulm Baden-Württemberg karl338 53 Man Seeking Women Too many interest and things to share, and plenty of people don't want to subject themselves to a wall of text.

We look to create long-lasting love connections by using a modern approach to psychology. By doing it differently, we feel that these connections are stronger and more meaningful.

We are not one of those free online dating sites that don’t provide assistance.

Bookworms are having their moment with the rise of a slew of new dating sites and events geared toward the literary set.

There's (tagline: "Dating by the book"), which lets users scope out would-be partners based on their reading picks.

We don’t expect you to just swipe right and left in the hopes that someone will respond.

We have an innovative approach to matchmaking as compared to other dating sites.

I'm sort of hoping that's what people will do with our site.

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