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"I think there's more to talk about: People see it as shorthand for educated and literate," says Stephanie Anderson, 25-year-old manager of Word in Brooklyn. Anderson questions the suggestion that "there's anything elitist about reading." The inspiration for "Between the Covers: A Matchmaking Service for Book Lovers" came when a regular customer eagle-eyed two books on Word's special-order shelf. Unfortunately, the books were for two different people, neither of whom was single." Soon after, Word staff hung up a corkboard and had customers who were game fill out slips of paper noting the authors they loved and loathed, as well as their contact information.

Some ended up dating; the one corkboard is now two, with about 50 hopefuls. And if the proposal could happen here, too, that would be great." She points out that liking the same books isn't crucial - in fact, having different tastes means couples have more to show each other. I think they're wary of men who really love Bukowski." Similar manoeuvres play out on

"People like to put out strong opinions, like, 'If you read Dan Brown, there's no way we'll get along,' " Mr. Yale, not Dan Brown, might be the wrong answer on another brainy dating site called Date Harvard, which lets female users pick and choose Harvard graduates, all of whom look suspiciously buff on the main page online. "These qualities are by no means exclusive to the Harvard individual. We believe these are positive qualities that are in no way elitist, but rather the qualities that allow people to build truly meaningful relationships that are lasting." Likewise, Mr.

"We want to match men and women who share the values inherent in a Harvard lifestyle, such as love of learning, intellectual curiosity, drive and determination," says Beri Meric, 25, who founded the site with Philipp Triebel, 28, last month. Sherman insists, "You don't have to be an egghead or a librarian to use []" He says large, mainstream dating sites allow people to get pickier, with a litany of info boxes on religion, children and body type. Sherman fancied an experience that mimics the "serendipitous discovery" of spotting a hunk reading, oh say, your favourite Violette Leduc novel at a café.

"My goal is for someone to get married as a result of it," Ms. At the same time, the literary likes and dislikes are important because people use them as "signifiers." "I've noticed that a lot of women put that they don't like Charles Bukowski or Jack Kerouac," Ms. Launched two months ago, the dating site has attracted 4,000 members, including Chin Ma, a 25-year-old New York consultant who joined in July.

The "voracious biography reader" quickly realized few women were biting on his top picks, which included This attracted the attention of a young woman who met up with him for coffee soon after reading the post. Ma likes the set-up because, unlike other dating sites, "You're not just saying, 'I'm an investment banker and I make this salary.' You get to see what the person is thinking and why they read the book." Still, he believes that just as a "400-pound person" using a more traditional dating site might lie and say they have an average body type, users can manipulate their image here as well.

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