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The fourth largest city in Sicily, the metropolis of the ancient world, rich in historical and archaeological evidences.

Choose Syracuse as a destination for your next holiday in Sicily!

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The views couldn’t be better – or more dramatic during stormy weather – this is as close as you can get to being at sea without leaving terra firma.

The location will appeal to those who prefer authenticity and being off the beaten track to polish and perfection – it is on a quiet street off a busy road, in an area peppered with decaying Art Nouveau and Art Deco villas crying out for restoration.

A pretty pink palazzo at the very core of Ortigia, abutting the extraordinary pagan-Christian Duomo, the Roma is a classic hotel run with panache, where the periodic buzz of politicians, limos and bodyguards, wedding guests or business-folk dressed to kill, simply adds to the atmosphere. Set right next to the Duomo (it was actually built over a small cemetery) on the corner of Ortigia’s central Piazza and Via Roma – a narrow pedestrianised cobbled street which follows the route of the ancient Via Sacra, linking the ancient Greek temples of Apollo and Athena.

Those of a more hedonistic bent will appreciate being at the hub of Ortigia’s glamorous evening passeggiata, when its citizens don their finery and stroll out to see and be seen.

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In the third century BC, the Romans laid siege to Syracuse and, after three bitter years, it came under Roman rule in 212 BC as a province.

One of the most famous residents of Syracuse, the mathematician Archimedes, died during this attack.

When to visit Syracuse With its mild temperate climate year round, if you’re looking for a seaside holiday, there is no better period than June to September, with more crowded periods in July and August.

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