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“Discover People,” if available to you, is found in the navigation section below Friends, Events, Groups, Nearby Places, and other options.

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I know we all get a little bit curious every now and then, but honestly, perhaps it’s a good reason Tinder got rid of Social. But if you must know, then these are the only options for now.

is rolling out a new section on mobile called “Discover People,” which encourages users to introduce themselves by updating their profile, then scroll through a list of upcoming events to see who else may also be going, as well as browse through lists of people in their city or who share the same employer.

But do you ever wonder which Facebook friends also use the service?

We dug around and found a few ways to help you find your Facebook friends on Tinder.

Since Tinder Social went away, it’s become a lot harder to find Facebook friends on Tinder.

As we’ve shown here, it’s still possible, but the pickings are slim to none.

The “Super Update” takes two credits and is more extensive.

The details for a Super Update include where the user was last active on Tinder within a range of two miles.

However, such a convenience comes at a cost, since there’s no other way to search for people on Tinder itself.

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