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Optional coupled meter, has detachable hood, improved focus screen, eye level viewing.

Serial #'s after 2299547 accept both 120 and 220 film.

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Similar to Leica values - the exact condition of the camera - will determine final price. Because there are many ways in which Rolleiflex cameras are categorized, this list may differ slightly to other lists.

Its best to utilize the serial # to identify your exact model and variation within that model line.

The price of a Rolleiflex on ebay varies widely for the same exact model. A late 2.8F camera, for example, frequently sell over a range of $ 950-2,000 ! Internal baffles added, larger focus knob, EVS system.

The standard deviation on these cameras is enormous. Compur Rapid shutter 1/500 to 1, B T ( early versions Compur to 1/300 ). Synchro Compur shutter 1/500 to 1, B T and MX sync with EVS system.

On early cameras the filter diameter on VL is larger than TL. The basic distance between the lenses would have been ca 60 mm.

It shows how far the reflex mirror is sunk into the taking camera.

Mostly fitted with 80mm Planar F2.8 lens, some early with Xenotar lens.

Very similiar to 2.8C, now has EVS System, double exposure capability.

Mechanics should be working fully, but may need a CLA service. You should also budget $ 150-0 for a good CLA ( clean, lube and adjust ) if you plan to use the camera regularly.

Pricing was gathered from sales on, ebay auctions,,, and other camera dealers. In fact, many cameras that have had professional CLA's done by folks like Fleenor or Krikor, can demand much more on ebay ( in part because these CLA/repair fees can run $ 300-400 ).

Distance scale in meters AND feet after Serial # 2298816.

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