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Everyone has heard about the great ages claimed by evolutionists for the earth's rocks. Television documentaries, textbooks, and museum displays tell us that the deepest rock layers within Grand Canyon are more than one billion years old.The same evolutionary sources tell us that the most recent rocks of Grand Canyon are just thousands of years old.

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According to the "age" interpretation, those samples of Cardenas Basalt with higher 87Rb have, over a very long period of time, acquired a large quantity of 87Sr by radioactive decay of 87Rb.

The quantity of 86Sr is not affected by radioactive decay, and it stays constant.

Twenty-eight percent of rubidium atoms are the isotope rubidium-87 (87Rb).

It decays to strontium-87 (87Sr), which is a common, stable isotope of strontium.

Figure 3 shows the isotope ratios obtained for basaltic lava flows from the western Grand Canyon. Noble, "Age of the Cardenas Lavas, Grand Canyon, Arizona," Geological Society of America Bulletin, 87 (August 1976):1188-1190. The "age" has been recalculated, using the new decay constant for rubidium-87. Austin was Chairman of the Geology Department of ICR and directed the "Grand Canyon Dating Project." Cite this article: Austin, S.

The isotope ratios are from hawaiite lava flows from the Uinkaret Plateau on the north rim of Grand Canyon. [7] A technical report describing the progress of the "Grand Canyon Dating Project" is being prepared by Dr. This report will contain the data and description of rocks being studied. This basalt has been assigned to the Precambrian strata of the Unkar Group, which contains the lowest and hence oldest strata of the Grand Canyon.Some geologists have suggested an "age" of more than one billion years.Although no Indian legends attribute them to recent eruptions, one early geologist remarked about the extraordinary freshness of the lava: "It looks as fresh as any coulee of Vesuvius ejected twenty or thirty years ago." One K-Ar "model age" determination gave 1.2 0.2 million years for the lava dam, 3 and geologists consider these lava flows to be Pleistocene in age.Rubidium-Strontium Data Rubidium, a trace element which is chemically similar to potassium, is naturally radioactive.The radioactive decay of rubidium is slow, and would require 48.8 billion years for half the 87Rb of a rock to be converted to 87Sr. Noble, two geologists working with support from the U. Geological Survey, National Science Foundation, and National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

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