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Simply put, it is unkind, and realistically, it creates hurtful tension.

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Though, once we filter through all of the pop culture interpretations and checklists of what someone who really loves you does or doesn’t do, there is one thing that remains true in all types of “real” love.

Sometimes – it means putting someone else’s happiness ahead of your own.

While I fully believe in giving emotionally to your teammate, I also stress the point that there such a thing as giving too much (here are some signs that you are).

You should never do something for others for the sake of a return – as kindness for the sake of a reward is not really kindness.

But the only thing that’s telling you is that you’ve given your heart to the wrong person, because in a situation where it is reciprocated, both people will be willing to give to the other.

For this reason, selfish people can never love another, because they will be less willing to compromise.

In other words, if you are holding steadfast to boundaries that protect your purity and pastimes that honor the Lord, your unbelieving boyfriend or girlfriend is being forced under the law when grace to follow God has not yet been granted to them.

We have accepted God’s free gifts of love and mercy to end that kind of slavery, so why would we wish that kind of life on someone we care for?

I’ve found that discussions like these can easily turn into an “us vs.

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