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This memo communicates that you aren’t very serious about your relationship with God, at least not when it comes to relationships because you are compromising sharing Christ within what might become the most valuable earthly relationship you have.

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You’d recognize that familiar “I met someone” starry-eyed glow anywhere. He gets along so well with my family, and he respects me.

This will inevitably lead to one partner giving more of themselves than the other, which can cause resentment or confusion about feelings that are, or aren’t expressed.

It is often forgotten that compromise needs to go both ways in order to actually be effective.

Our hearts so long for connection and intimacy with others that justification has to be employed at the expense of our better judgement.

You’ve likely already heard the arguments against being “unequally yoked” and possibly even rolled your eyes at all the familiar speeches.

the gap left by the distance you’ve budged from what you want is filled by the happiness of your partner.

This is why great relationships are about give and give, not give and take.

At best, you set an example of Christianity that picks and chooses from godly prescriptions.

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