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Further information from: The Secretary, The Law Reform Commission, Ardilaun Centre, 111 St. C., requested the Commission to formulate proposals for reform of the law in relation to a number of areas.

On the 6th March, 1987, the then Attorney General, Mr John Rogers S.

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The Commission had to decide at that stage whether to ignore or examine the Bill.

On the 30th of September, 1992 when the Commission was on the point of going to print, the Minister for Justice presented the Criminal Justice Bill, 1992.

D., Barrister-at-Law, Associate Professor of Law, University of Dublin; Ms. It would not be possible to attain this by relying on occasional research.

Details of every sentence imposed in every court and of every instance of election for trial venue by judge, prosecution or accused should be recorded and speedily retrievable.

We emphasise that the proposals for reform contained in this Consultation Paper are provisional in their nature.

Happily, the Commission will have the benefit of his extensive experience in this area when it comes to make its final Report.

Chapter 7 contains a review of sentencing policy in other jurisdictions.

Chapter 5 examines the types of matter proper to be taken into account in sentencing, and Chapter 6 looks at the importance of prior criminal record.

In Chapter 3 we examine the respective roles of the legislature and the courts in sentencing reform, and in Chapter 4 we discuss the role of the existing components of our sentencing policy making some provisional recommendations for reform of sentencing policy which would be more purposive, consistent andjust.

In Chapter 2 we then examine the role of sentencing policy and the effect which incoherent policy has on existing sentencing law and practice.

The British Government, for example, describes sentence thus: 1.4 Sentencing might thus be described as the act of a criminal court imposing punishment on an individual found guilty of an offence.

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