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In Chapter 3 we examine the respective roles of the legislature and the courts in sentencing reform, and in Chapter 4 we discuss the role of the existing components of our sentencing policy making some provisional recommendations for reform of sentencing policy which would be more purposive, consistent andjust.

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Nowadays, conviction is not always a prerequisite for the imposition of sentence; rather what is always required is a finding of guilt.

A number of more helpful formulations appear in recent sentencing reform literature.

In the present Consultation Paper we begin by setting out in Chapter 1 the existing law and practice of sentencing and touch briefly upon the difficulties encountered in this area.

The Commission concluded that the primary matter to be dealt with, therefore, was the formulation of a coherent sentencing policy, which, once in place, would indicate what matters ought properly be taken into account in sentencing.

Chapter 7 contains a review of sentencing policy in other jurisdictions.

Chapter 5 examines the types of matter proper to be taken into account in sentencing, and Chapter 6 looks at the importance of prior criminal record.

It has also published eleven Working Papers, five Consultation Papers and Annual Reports. It is a feature of the criminal justice system that decisions are taken at one stage in ignorance of what is occurring elsewhere in the system. Any provisional recommendations in this paper or recommendations ultimately made in our Report will be rendered comparatively ineffective by the absence of proper information.

of Chicago), Senior Lecturer in psychology, University of Dublin; Simon P. The Commission has formulated and submitted to the Taoiseach or the Attorney General forty four Reports containing proposals for the reform of the law. This lack of information is not merely a nuisance which hinders research.

During the course of its research on sentencing, the Commission noted that a clear statement of the matters proper to be taken into account in sentencing convicted persons is closely dependent on the policy governing the sentencing of offenders first being clearly articulated: where the policy is vague or incoherent, any number of matters may without impropriety be taken into account by reference to that policy.

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