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So too, apparently, does President Vladimir Putin, who outlawed a plethora of Russian obscenities in Russian works this past July.Among the first casualties of the obscenity law was "Leviathan," a Cannes-winning tragicomedy about Russian provincial life by Andrei Zvyagintsev, one of Russia's most acclaimed film directors, which is presently struggling to get a screening permit at home.Russia has about 60 traditional sports, such as lapta — a medieval take on baseball — and Bashkir belt wrestling.

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It's because this has elements of historical justice.

I believe we did the right thing and I don't regret anything," the RIA news agency quoted Putin as saying in the documentary "The President." Putin also said sanctions imposed by the West after the annexation were aimed at halting Russia's progress as a global power.

Even Converse shoes and ballet flats aren't safe from the legislature's discerning eye. State Duma lawmaker Oleg Mikheyev proposed a prohibition in March on "fascist" computer games that "demean" Russian military victories dating back to the tsarist era — especially those depicting U. The patriotic imperative does not stop at video games: A long-tabled bill revived this past May seeks to "protect historical memory" by criminalizing any criticism of the Allies' actions during World War II, or any speculation of the criminality of Nazi leaders' war crimes.

A ban on imports of those and other flat-soled shoes was proposed in June. Though the bill has not yet passed, it has already had an impact: In April, a dissertation on Soviet partisans by a young German historian was placed on Russia's federal blacklist of extremist materials for its failure to adequately extoll Soviet forces' achievements during the war.

Even his colleagues laughed off the bill, perhaps because the communist failed to explain why men should remain free to kill themselves and pollute their offsprings' air supply with nicotine.

Foreigners have a difficult time comprehending the importance of obscenities in Russian everyday life — and thus also art and literature.In the same stroke, he proposed bans promoting "egotism," as well as the "irreverent treatment of sexual functions." The bill was never passed, perhaps because his colleagues realized it could severely curtail their media presence. It could perhaps merit a more serious attitude, in deference to traditional values, if not for a 2012 survey by state-run pollster VTs IOM that found 94 percent of Russians had never encountered gay propaganda — despite the fact that 86 percent of respondents opposed it.Speaking of traditional values, Duma lawmaker Ivan Nikitchuk proposed in June a prohibition on smoking for females still within the range of reproductive age (by his definition).Perhaps a diminution in shock value is to blame for the idea's burial in legislative limbo, despite its potential to make enormous waves in Russia, which ranked a dismal 127th of the 175 countries included in the latest corruption index released by Transparency International.Lawmaker Mikheyev — the bane of "fascist video games" — called in 2013 for a curb on "news that causes negative emotions." In his view, such content should be limited to no more than 30 percent of any given news agency's total output.Having had the gall to perform last week for the children of Slovyansk, a city reclaimed in July by Ukrainian government forces after months of occupation by pro-Russian rebels, Makarevich has found himself in hot water at home.

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