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Scientists believe the arrangement of stones was able to map out the movements of the sun throughout the year.

Dating planets net grown

“Humans would be in trouble with even a small increase in temperature, and near the end only microbes in niche environments would be able to endure the heat.”As part of the same study, the astrobiologists also investigated the length of the habitable phase for other exoplanets, such as Kepler 22b and Gliese 581d, which are both theorized to be within their parent star’s habitable zone.

While 22b’s habitable phase is around the same length as Earth’s (4.3 to 6.1 billion years), Gliese 581d, due to the nature of its orbit around its small home star, is expected to be habitable for around 55 billion years.

Here they are talking about habitability in absolute terms; for humans, Earth will become very unpleasant much sooner.

“Of course conditions for humans and other complex life will become impossible much sooner – and this is being accelerated by anthropogenic climate change,” says Rushby.

As our Sun gets older, it will get larger and warmer, eventually leading to the Earth becoming uninhabitable — first to humans and other complex life in fairly short order, and then, in around 1.75 to 3.25 billion years, to all cellular life as we know it.

Due to anthropogenic climate change, and other variable factors, we don’t know exactly when human life will become untenable on Earth, but the conclusion of the study is pretty clear: Our time here on Earth is finite, and we better find our way off it sooner rather than later.

Given the almost impossible-to-fathom scale of the universe, and early analysis of data from the Kepler space telescope, there could be up to 50 sextillion Earth-like planets out there in the cosmos.

This is a mind-bogglingly large figure (5 followed by 22 zeroes), but in short, combined with this new data from UEA, it’s very, very likely that there are other planets in the universe that have managed to cultivate lifeforms during their multi-billion-year tenure in the habitable zone.

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