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Reliable and safe food production, processing, distribution, storage and preparation are crucial elements of food security, as is equitable allocation of food among people. Conclusions and recommendations References Food security and people's well-being are strongly related.

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Environment, ecological agriculture and green consumerism 6.

Problems of poverty and relative food insecurity persist among vulnerable populations throughout Europe, especially in southern Europe and, increasingly, in certain countries in transition.

Women workers packing avocados at Pri-Shomron packing plant in Israel The 1990s and beyond look to be a watershed in the development of the European food system; a period in which the excesses of the productivist post-Second World War decades are being brought into line, and where the roles of governments, markets and agriculture itself are shifting dramatically over much of Western and Eastern Europe.

The Central and Eastern European countries (hereafter referred to as the CEEC) are engaged in the privatization and structural reform of agriculture and food systems, whereas Western Europe is attempting to achieve a balance between agriculture and environmental quality, nature conservation, food safety, farm diversification and human development.

Finally, conclusions and recommendations are drawn linking issues of farm women's emancipation, environment, human development and agrofood system adjustment in the two regions.

Adjustment in the two major regions of Europe is concerned with the profitability, sustainability, safety and quality of food and agriculture, as well as with the development of human resources, the quality of living and the natural environment in rural areas.

Many women produce food in home gardens and raise small livestock to supplement their family's food supply.

On farms this is typically a woman's job, as is the related work in processing and preservation.

Change is occurring in gender relations manifest at a macrosocial level (e.g.

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