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In December 2011, an album containing snaps of Military China sold for more than 00, and another Chinese album for 00.

An Egyptian album went for 00, 00 for photos of dental equipment!!

Now I can continue down the list, but you can tell we are talking about art, not so much the photo.

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If your favorite seller is not listed here, you will find ALL Radio Attic sellers listed on the Site Map.

I buy and sell old photos and postcards for a living, that’s a full-time living, with kids, a dog, a ridiculously high electricity bill, the whole package, so I need to have a fair idea of what I’m buying to keep my ‘dealers’ badge rather than become a full time collector with expensive taste!

Here amongst the small pocket sized images you will find mostly family shots, but also some very (expensive) famous people, as the card was often replicated and sold on as either a business card or advertisement.

People of notoriety have a habit of wanting to be remembered, so not many shied away from this new technology that promised them eternity.

The invention of the Box Brownie ( you push the button, we do the rest ) by Kodak revolutionised the world of photography when it was invented just after 1900 and sold on mass around 1920.

Now one in every three homes had access to a camera, and as with all new technology, everyone was excited and eager to push the boundaries. It’s these early, sometimes grainy shots of action in the trenches that still fascinate the collectors today.Ebay has been the go to hub of collectors for years now.With a few short clicks a wealth of information is paraded past you giving you a sense of ‘know it all’ power, having the value of nearly everything at your finger tips.Not all Radio Attic sellers are listed on this page.The Featured Sellers area highlights those sellers who regularly add new radios to their pages; sellers are listed alphabetically.From about 1875 till 1905 Cabinet cards were very popular.

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