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The other sections have been re-wrapped in gold thread.

One tip has original thread wraps with pine green tipped with Aspen gold. All sections have been over varnished.8', 3/2 Weighing 4.4 oz. Cigar cork grip and cork reel seat with down-sliding aluminum cap and ring. Blued nickel silver female ferrules and wind check.

Down sliding cap and ring over wood insert reel seat. De Bell used components from Wright & Mc Gill and Phillipson.

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Reverse half wells cork grip with down-locking aluminum hardware over walnut wood insert reel seat. Excellent condition, possibly an indication of an excellent restoration.

The cloth bag is probably original and replacement aluminum tube. 10', 3/2 Model Gloriwest Utica, NY made for Swenson's Safety Corner.

Includes original bag and heavy weight aluminum tube with brass hardware.

This rod is one of a small number built for and sold by the Bill Rosgen sporting goods store in Winsted, Connecticut.

Reverse half wells with quad shaped cork at top 2 inches of the grip.

The original mid section is 1 1/2 inches short, a second full length mid was crafted by Sam Carlson, and finished by Dana Gray. 8', 3/2 Made for Abercrombie and Fitch New York probably by Edwards. Includes old felt covered wooden rod holder and tattered canvas bag. Mix and match ferrules South Bend and unknown sizes 11 and 17. Aluminum down-locking reel seat, may be Phillipson. Black and white silk thread wraps with gold tipping. There is some mild bag burn on the varnish and a small dig in cork grip.

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