Dating meet her friends

“In the ‘olden days’ it would not have been like this,” she told me.

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Writes one anonymous reader: I'm currently dating someone non-exclusively (we met online) I'm having some friends over for a party in two weeks. By then we will have hopefully gone on five or six dates.

I don't want to scare him away or make a big deal by introducing him to my friends too soon. Clearly these stock photo party people know how to have a good time!

But it is daunting and something that I certainly didn't think about when I signed up.

“It does not phase me in the least as I meet people for a living. (It took us MONTHS to get beyond the coffee stage.) If he had thought this one through, he might have left it at that”.

It might sound intimidating, but as more and more of us find our partners online (an estimated 35 per cent of couples in the UK meet this way), it’s simply becoming a fact of romantic life that with your new partner comes a new social circle, too.

It can feel like you’re dating a whole friendship group and not just one person. She met her partner, Andy, on dating site OK Cupid.Would you wait until things got serious or exclusive before having your beau meet your pals? More Ways to Get Glamour: Chat with celebs, VIP fashion stars, beauty pros and more on our Facebook page! Download Glamour Magazine for your i Pad--print subscribers, it's now part of your subscription plan! Visit for this month's schedule NEW! That said, experts advise against launching your new partner into your social circle too soon.Yes, it’s very tempting to try them out and see how they fare alongside your friends (not to mention getting a second opinion from those you trust).If you're casually dating a fellow, when should he meet your pals?

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