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The person who wrote you quoted several canons about the rights of the faithful, but has ignored canon 223 which speaks of taking into account the common good of the Church and the obligation of ecclesiastical authority, in view of the common good, to regulate the exercise of the rights of the faithful.“We at Holy Love ministries are, and always have been, an ecumenical ministry.We have no affiliation with the Diocese of Cleveland.I am writing again about Holy Love because some followers contacted me regarding my article of 11/20/09 (reproduced below), “Proclamation on Holy Love Will Test Hearts and Obedience”. emailed me last summer and we had a back and forth debate on the authenticity of the apparitions.

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In 2005 an article in “The ministry was formed around 1986, meeting in homes of followers or a few welcoming churches. Sweeney insisted that the Virgin Mary’s messages demanded that she be given a new title, one recognized by the Catholic Church, that of “Our Lady Protectress of the Faith.” The Cleveland Catholic Diocese turned down this request.

And soon the lengthy messages that Sweeney dictated into a tape recorder began denouncing the Catholic Church; others commented on political details of the day.

You might wish to review the meaning of the these theological terms.

The devil has the ability to deceive with cleverly-disguised religious apparitions, so the Catholic Church carefully evaluates such sites for discrepancies that conflict with Scripture and Tradition.

We are sorry that the bishop has taken this position.

As it has always been, all people of all faiths are welcome to join us in prayer and the peace that Heaven offers at this site.” Even before the bishop’s pronouncement, there were red flags for me.

Several members of Sweeney’s small ministry became disillusioned and left.” The organization has been at odds with the Catholic Church almost from the start.

It sought approval through official channels for several years, but instead, in 1999, the Diocese of Clevland issued a statement urging extreme caution.

I had been warned by Thomas and a couple of others (friends of his, I’m guessing), that souls are at stake should my words turn people away from Holy Love.

I must disagree with Thomas in this case as souls apparition.

A few years ago, I first wrote about Holy Love Ministries, the 83-acre site of Maranatha Spring in Ohio.

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