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Lohan got a breakthrough in the media in a very early age.She performed as model with Ford Models at an early age of 3.She appeared in 1992 in TV Show Late Night with David Letterman as Trick-or-Treater Dressed as Garbage. She has also quit smoking to maintain her health conditions.

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Edit There are also some rumors about him having some romantic relationship with Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay is one of the great actress and model from United States.

Her alcohol and drug abuse has landed her in rehab, jail and on the cover of many gossip magazines. The Lohans are a verymuch-photographed family and it's easy to see that Lindsay does notin the least resemble either "parent" or "sibling".

Yes, geneticssometimes works in strange ways, check out Bruce & Demi's threedaughters for an example of that.

She also happened to be punished with 90 days stay in Jail which for shortened t 14 days due to over-crowding. She also had an affair with celebrities such as Talan Torriero, Harry Judd, Diego Gracia, Jared Leto, San Lennon, Ryan Adams, Shaun White, Benicial Del Toro, and Jamie Dornan. In 2011 she was charged of theft of an expensive jewel in 2011 and later she was sentenced for jail.

Lohan also dated Bret Ratnar, Stavros Niarcos, Jamie Bruke, Harry Mortan, James Blunt, Petey White, Adam White, Phillip Peip, Max George.

Talan Torriero also known by his first name Talan is a famous actor from United States. He is popular in the world for his role in American High School, Hangar No. Talan Torriero was from the upper middle class family born as Talan Christopher Torriero in Orange, California, United States of America to Roger Torriero and Charlene Chapman. Talan Torriero has never been married in his life but once he was engaged with Kimberly Stewart.

Her full name is Kimberly Alana Stewart and she is one of the great models from United States. They got engaged at the end of 2005 but his engagement didn't last that long as they called off their engagement after few weeks.

Edit It is rumored that he also had romantic relationship with Nicole Scherzinger for few times.

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