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This is a gorgeous signed T&V Limoge plate with gorgeous hand painted RASPBERRIES and BLOSSOMS plate.

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I answered her inquiry cautiously and saved all subsequent correspondence to cover myself, just in case it was someone looking to set a trap. I am twenty-four years old, 5' 6', 125 lbs, 36C-24-36 and am attaching a photo that was taken of me by a boyfriend last summer at a private beach. Here is what I envision: a barbecue in which you are presented to a select group of guests for intimate examination, then slaughtered and cooked in a manner reflecting the highest standards of the culinary arts.

I'm slim, but not thin, and have firm, nicely shaped boobs. You will then be consumed — tender and steaming — by all present.

Well, the truth is, it's ten times more of a rush when I put it into words.

Furthermore, some of my overnight guests will probably appreciate a little background info. I never expected to receive a serious response to either of the ads.

If I am attractive enough for you and your offer is real, not just a joke, I will have a friend take some other pictures of me totally nude. Another scenario would be a private ceremony: just the two of us.

But you must convince me that you are not just playing a game. The photo was of a shapely, topless young woman posing with self-assured cockiness against a background of sand and ocean. I would cook you and eat you myself over a period of time.

Must be slender and well proportioned, but with enough breast, leg and rump meat to serve a party of six or more. To be honest, the inspiration for all this was a story I'd run across on the internet.

Some German guy named Armin Meiwes had been arrested and tried for cannibalism.

Thomas estate and introduced into evidence at the so-called "Knobscot Cannibals" trial.

They are printed verbatim as submitted to the court.

Even buried among the dozens of fulsome blurbs from wanna-be doms and subs looking for playmates, they leaped off the page as if printed in shocking pink: I tagged it with an e-mail address, one of those freebies you can use for surfing the naughty net sites so you don't get your working address cluttered up with spam offering products that promise to add an extra three inches to your natural endowment. Two were from women (or so they claimed), but they assumed I wanted to set up a bdsm scene.

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