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This is a gorgeous signed T&V Limoge plate with gorgeous hand painted RASPBERRIES and BLOSSOMS plate.The following is a series of excerpts taken from a computer in the office of the Byron L. Item Description: This is an elegant T&V Limoges large plate with pink, purple and white poppies. Item Description: This is an antique handpainted Victorian Limoges plate with most exquisite violets!

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A male acquaintance he contacted through the web had agreed to be cooked and eaten for the sheer sexual thrill of it. To talk someone into dying for you so you can cook them up as meat!

My sexual orientation is different from Armin's so my own fantasy involved a beautiful woman allowing herself to be slaughtered and eaten for the thrill of it. Well, all right; I a beautiful young woman out there who fancies herself being meat? The replies to the second ad were only slightly more numerous and included the expected couple of humor-challenged nut cases who thought I should be hunted down and exterminated, plus several girls thinking it was either a modeling gig or a coded solicitation for prostitutes. It claimed to be from a woman who called herself Crystal.

If I am attractive enough for you and your offer is real, not just a joke, I will have a friend take some other pictures of me totally nude. Another scenario would be a private ceremony: just the two of us.

But you must convince me that you are not just playing a game. The photo was of a shapely, topless young woman posing with self-assured cockiness against a background of sand and ocean. I would cook you and eat you myself over a period of time.

I ran them under "Men looking for Women." As the Advertising Manager for a Boston area newspaper I happen to know a thing or two about advertising in general and the personals in particular, and I honestly believed no real live woman would respond to such an ad, or even read it in the first place.

At best, I expected to hear from some perverted cranks, or maybe a couple of practical joker types pretending to be females.The other response was from an irate "born again Christian" who used up several lines of misspelled and badly typed verbiage to castigate me for worshiping false gods (or in this case, goddesses). I had so much fun with that first ad, I decided to try it again. Prefer someone who will enjoy participating in the planning, preparations and pre-banquet orgy.Apparently the other magazine ads — the ones seeking playmates to strip, torture and fuck — are okay with his Christian god, but hobnobbing with the competition deities is a major no-no — anathema! I'd make it even more outrageous this time, and more specific. Please include height, weight, measurements and a recent photo.It might also be amusing to let the cows read it as a stimulating glimpse of things to come! My favorite so far is, "Dining on Crystal." Is that sick or what? In the first place, they were so bizarre, who could take them at face value?In the second place, I placed them in the personals of a couple of those sleazy pulp zines that come wrapped in plastic so you can't peek before you buy, and are shoehorned in amongst the sex toys and videos in "adult" book stores.The detail of the berries,foliage, and gorgeous array of colors are fabulously painted by the artist.

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