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Now imagining a world where women aren't socialized to placate men's feelings above her own safety, happiness and pleasure,' an Australian woman wrote.

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Do you prefer to 'turn' big strong men into submissives, doing exactly as you tell them to and enjoy the power and control of such a (usually) strong powerful man, or do you prefer the shyer, smaller framed man, to control and pander to your every sexual desire? I am aggressive both in and out of the bedroom, so an A type personality isn't for me.

I believe this not an uncommon fantasy some men have? she chuckles deviously......thinks about putting a few bandaids on his chest next time for good measure..... I like the strong silent type of guy, but he's gotta have a backbone and his own opinions.

Harvey Weinstein accuser Rose Mc Gowan just met up with the man who broke the story open, Ronan Farrow, and two other self-proclaimed "survivors" Asia Argento and Annabella Sciorra.

The former story exposed three decades worth of sexual assault claims against the now fallen movie mogul.

And, the interactions are infused with an uncomfortable realism that will speak to the soul of anyone who's ever been treated badly on a date.

In particular, many wrote about how women are conditioned and socialized from a young age to be agreeable, to not come off as 'prude' or 'uptight' and to make men feel comfortable.'As brilliantly/depressingly relatable as everyone has said.

I can't believe no-one has taken the micky out of this post.....disappointed...

At first, she feels touched by his "vulnerability" but, she also seems to feel the need to atone somehow and make him feel better.

I'm not talking dominatrix or mistress, just your average strong woman who knows what turns her on and that is to dominate her man in the bedroom. Don't forget as hard as you guys make Welsh women work they might be too tired to hog tie you at the end of a long day.

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