Dating in meath

The presence of carvings of naked female figures may seem rather incongruous in medieval churches, monastic sites and castles, but that all depends on what they symbolised.Taking a rational rather than spiritual approach, Barbara Freitag argues that these female figures are not connected to eroticism, love-making or warnings against lust, but to childbirth, to life-giving powers, renewal and fertility.There are many opinions as to what the figures represent and their raison d'etre.

Dating in meath

In the medieval period they were most likely warning symbols against the sins of the flesh, in the pre-Christian period Sheela-na-gigs are more likely to have represented the celebration of female fertility.

This lovely Sheela-na-gig is set in the wall of a farm yard at Balgeeth, Ardcath, Co. It was discovered turned inwards when the wall at the entrance to the farm yard was damaged by a milk lorry.

Only 10 minutes drive from Shannon Airport, Dromoland Castle is Ireland's premier luxury castle hotel.

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Corry, was built into the filling of the gate pillar and obviously intentionally concealed from view.

It measures 54cm (21 inches) high by 28cm (11 inches) maximum width and is carved in false relief on a limestone block, 24cm (9 inches) thick.

Guests famous and infamous, come from far and wide to stay at Dromoland Castle.

The bedrooms give a wonderful feeling of comfort to guests.

It is widely believed that they repel evil spirits.

An Unrecorded Exhibitionist Figure (Sheela-na-Gig) from Ardcath, County Meath.

Other names for sheela-na-gig include the Devil Stone, the Idol, the Evil Eye Stone, Julia the Giddy, Shiela O'Dwyer, Cathleen Owen, Saint Shanahan, Whore, the Witch, and the Hag of the Castle.

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