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The find is particularly important as 75 percent of old Turku, at that time the capital of Finland was destroyed by the devastating 1827 fire.

The Cathedral School of Åbo (the Swedish name for Turku) was founded in 1276 and is housed in a building dating from the reconstruction period following the great fire.

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The historic 14th-century remnants of medieval houses and daily life uncovered by chance during renovations at a school in central Turku will be preserved for future generations, as the ruins will be opened for public display as early as this spring.

An overhaul of the gym floor at a Swedish high school in central Turku has unearthed an impressive part of the old city, namely two medieval houses and a section of a street, Finnish national broadcaster Yle reported.

Another idea is to preserve the ruins as part of a new history museum to be established in Turku for the city's 800-year anniversary in 2029.

Turning the school into a museum, however, is not a straightforward process, as it currently houses 300 students, Yle reported.

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The new animal welfare bill which is about to be discussed this spring will toughen the butchery laws, making it mandatory for the animals to be unconscious at the time of the slaughter, will in effect revise the whole halal practice in Finland, which currently has five halal slaughterhouses, the Hufvudstadsbladet daily reported.

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