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We will still need your input on collecting area information – we cannot know everything – but we'll do most of the heavy lifting to write a good letter.

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Download the BLM press release for details » BLM's Desert District Advisory Council (DAC) will hold its first meeting in over one year. There is no upside for Rockhounds, if BLM opens DRECP to review, but there is risk of downside.

Download a Fact Sheet on What Rockhounds got in DRECP, misconceptions about what DRECP did not do, and what the unintended consequences could be for Rockhounds, if BLM goes forward with amending the DRECP to make more opportunities for renewable energy projects in the desert.

To ensure that access to collecting areas is not lost to industrial projects Rockhounds must reiterate anew their concerns to BLM by the Left: Draft (preferred alternative) DRECP showing Development Focus Areas (DFAs)(magenta-colored areas), where utility-scale renewable energy projects could be built.

Right: Final DRECP showing removal of DFAs, some of which were changed to accommodate Rockhounds based on comment letters. Thank you to everyone who signed onto the letter: The SGMNM letter will be our template for submitting comment letters going forward.

To learn more about what's in store, read Lisbet Thoresen's report on the Desert District Advisory Council (DAC) meeting held in Riverside in October 2016 (the report also appears in SDMG's November 2016 bulletin).

The future of Rockhounding in the Cady Mountains, Lavic Siding, Afton Canyon, and many other favorite collecting areas within MTNM's footprint is going to be decided with or without your input. Contact Lisbet Thoresen at [email protected], if you have questions, input, or you want to ask her to make a presentation to your club.(Download a print-friendly PDF of the "Blueprint for comment letters" article, which appears in SDMG's November 2016 bulletin.) held in Riverside on October 15th was a full day of good presentations and productive discussion focused mostly on Phase II (implementation) of the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) and the Management Plan process for the Mojave Trails National Monument (MTNM).Among the topics of particular interest to Rockhounds was a presentation on DRECP by Russell Scofield, BLM Natural Resource Specialist.Download a FAQs sheet on the DRECP » To ensure continued access to hobby collecting areas in California's deserts, BLM needs to hear from Rockhound advocates. If you or your club would like to sign onto our letter: ● Download the current draft version of SDMG's letter at: Nbki M (short URL).● Download a flyer on how to sign onto SDMG's letter (2 easy steps) » Want to write your own letter?Rockhounds have until March 22nd to submit letters.

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