Dating gibson guitars by serial number

It can be heard all over his first two solo albums Grinding Stone (1973) and Back On The Streets (1978), and in his work with in Thin Lizzy and Colosseum II.

As years went on he started experimenting with different guitars, but without a doubt this one of his favorites.

The finish on the body look amateur-ish red sunburst refinish, since the red seems to fade much closer to the center than on factory models.

The guitar is pretty much stock, except for the neck pickup magnet which has been rotated 180 degrees relative to the bridge pickup – a feature now famously known as a “Peter Green mod”.

This was allegedly done accidentally in the Gibson factory when the guitar was first assembled in 1959, as was concluded by Jol Dantzig who had a chance to examine the guitar in the 80s.

Since 1979 Gary focused entirely on his solo career, during which he released a number of highly successful albums, including “Still Got The Blues” (1990) which became one of the fan’s favorites.

He remained active until his untimely death in February 2011.

This guitar was used briefly by Gary during his tenure with Skid Row until 1971.

It can be seen on couple of videos recorded during the band performance on German TV music show Beat Club.His new home was Dublin, where he met his personal mentor, and a greatest influence – Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac.In the following years he joined the band Skid Row, then Thin Lizzy in 1974, and finally Colosseum II with whom he would play up until 1977/78.After leaving Fleetwood Mac in 1970 Peter borrowed the guitar to Gary, as he was sort of a mentor to him in the early years.Gary kept using the guitar for some time, and eventually agreed to buy it from Peter respecting his personal wish that the guitar would have a good home with Moore.This mod allowed for the pickups to be the out of phase when the toggle switch is set in the middle position. While the guitar was still in Peter’s possession he removed the pickguard, and when Gary got the guitar he replaced the two bottom control knobs with the more modern “reflector” knobs – which he found more comfortable to use.

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