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Hoping for a fresh start, Julia, a troubled woman, moves to Los Angeles with her new boyfriend.After settling into a new home, mysterious things begin to happen. See full summary » Alyssa moves into a luxury apartment complex but is unaware she is being watched by her disturbed landlord, Robert, via hidden cameras."He's just got a dark, dark, dark soul." The movie shows how Alcala would lure his victims by posing as a professional photographer.

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Centers on a young hotel worker who, with the help of his escaped con artist cousin Eddie, gets a job as the concierge at an elite NYC hotel.

Together they manage to provide the hotel guests with whatever they desire, at whatever the cost.

Carrie Preston of the Good Wife is effective in her few scenes as mother of one of the victims.

Serial killer Rodney Alcala, known as the ‘Dating Game Killer' due to his appearance on the famous television game show more than 30 years ago, was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison on Monday for murdering two New York women in the 1970s.

Robert will do anything to fill the void left by his ...

See full summary » Rachel and Peter, a young expectant couple, move to the suburbs after they are shaken up by a robbery.

Alcala, 69, already on death row in California for raping and mutilating four women and a 12-year-old girl in the Los Angeles area, was extradited to New York in June to face charges in the murders of flight attendant Cornelia Crilley, 23, and Ellen Hover, 23, the daughter of a nightclub owner.‘I want to thank the family and friends of the two victims for their eloquent statements,’ Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Bonnie Wittner told the courtroom, which was packed with friends and family of Crilley and Hover.‘This kind of case is the kind I've never experienced and hope to never again,’ Wittner said before turning away from her microphone and breaking into tears for a few seconds.

‘Sorry,’ the judge said as she gathered herself to continue.

They intend to start their family in a peaceful and quiet environment, but with each ...

See full summary » Samantha and daughter Blake invite Chloe, a foreign exchange student from Britain, into their California home.

It's clear when they do it - unfortunately it leaves some unanswered questions and bewilders the viewer unnecessarily and breaks up the tension of the movie.

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