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Introductory: Transpersonal history, Druidry, and Synchronicity2. Druidry and Philosophies of history through the lens of transpersonal history7. Philosophies of history, revolutions, counter-revolutions and Druidry9. Druid history, transpersonal history, the history of religions and religious education15.

Druidry and the transpersonal history of philosophy6. Druid history and Indian history – Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism14.

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So in the last 30 years or so has come of age: it has established research institutes, MA courses, academic journals, and led to a huge cultural outflowing of books, talk-shows, websites, and even movies. What I argued as a historian however, in trying to study the intellectual history of peacemaking and war prevention in the crucial period of world history from 1945-2001, is that by and large the historical profession is stuck with a 19, or the craving people still feel for pattern, depth and content in their lives, has somehow eluded them.

What I argued is that the resurgence of religious conflict and religious paradigm clashes in the modern post cold war world can only be understood against a historical meta-paradigm that includes transpersonal psychology as its foundation.

What might have actually happened in this encounter ?

And from whose side would one listen to the true version of events ?

Transpersonal history also acknowledges therefore that all forms of remembrance are valid as historical records, the written form (archives), the spoken kind (oral) and the thought kind (the termas, or akashic records).

The question I want to explore in this lecture then is this: ?

Many Celtic stories tell the same tale: the sage who wanders into fairyland, where time is different.

This is true of the father of Gwion Bach, who finds his bride in fairyland; it is also the experience of True Thomas, the Rhymer, the Scottish sage who on Huntly Bank spies a maiden all in green and follows her down to fairyland….

Druidry, transpersonal history, ecology and the history of the sciences17.

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