Dating for parents of special needs kids

Well too bad for them to pass up a great guy who SEEMS to have been abandoned by a MOTHER and left not only with a child, but a special one.

I said we can date, but no more family dates; I had all ready told her I was not looking for long term any way. I might have been willing to date this women more (date not marry) if I was not a single parent, but as a single parent I have to consider how it will effect my kids quality of life also.

Will it have a positive effect, a negative effect or no real impact at all.

But there are some very kind hearted souls out there also, that would admire you as a person for what you are doing, and would be glad to date you....are out there... First off, I'm a mom to an adult (22) girl with cognitive delays and some physical disablities as well.

My experience has been that people who do not have a special needs child often don't understand what it takes and so they will accept the intrusion into their regular life for so long, then when it becomes burdensome, they tend to take a walk.

I haven't met many single fathers of children with disabilities..

although truthfully, the divorce rate amongst couples with a special needs child is three times the national average, it seems the moms end up with the child.

I would accept a child like your daughter with open arms.

Have you tried becoming involved in Special Olympics?

In my experience, children with special needs have been some of the most gifted people I have ever met. Granted, some days are better then others, as it is when any child.

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