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Show up early and politely chat with the yoga girls. Ask them for advice on a certain pose and they’ll likely give you a full demo and a personal lesson (in their bedroom…jk).

Go to Bikram Yoga for a powerfully sexual yoga experience, spin class if you’re into intense women, or a Barsculpt class if you want to push your body and tighten your man-booty. Push yourself to do something you wouldn’t normally do and you’ll thank me later. I met a ton of amazing men while hanging out covered in mud at Bradbury Mountain and at the Evergreen Cemetery trails.

If you’re interested in meeting women, take a metalsmithing class or pottery class at Portland Pottery.

That’s where 20 of my closest (and stunningly beautiful, talented and single) women friends and I will be every Tuesday night. The men who go to the pottery studio get laid, well and often.

If you’re interested in meeting men, take the MECA Continuing Studies class in welding, woodworking or photography.

These classes are typically a good blend of men and women and might lean slightly in your favor.

If you can’t commit to a single cause because you love too big, start going to Take Action Portland (TAP) events.

There are always new people to meet through TAP because each event attracts a completely different group of people.

Check out Pecha Kucha and the Maine Tweetups for like-minded people who will likely change the world and make good money doing it!

So many designers, musicians and artists that I know are super hot and amazingly dateable, but horribly introverted.

If that’s not your thing, try climbing at Maine Rock Gym, join a coed basketball/soccer/dodgeball team and just go for it.

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