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As only 70% of patients exhibit tremors, the other 30% of the cases are more difficult to diagnose.Oleation through massage (abhyanga) and enema (basti) are indicated as well as the ingestion of oils.

When this is combined with a vata increasing lifestyle and constitutional tendencies, the stage is set for vata to overflow (prasara) into circulation.

Overflow causes vyana vayu to become disturbed within the rasa dhatu.

Western medical literature from the famous physician Galen, dating back to around 175 AD, gave one of the first descriptions of this condition under the name "Shaking Palsy." In 1817 the physician James Parkinson published a very detailed description of the condition, and the disease was named after him, as the tradition in the West.

Direct reference to the Parkinson's disease in the ancient Ayurvedic literature is sparse and refers only to related symptoms, such as tremors.

The most common recognizable symptom of Parkinson's disease is known as a "pill rolling tremor." In this condition, the thumb and fingers move uncontrollably in a manner resembling the rolling of a pill between the fingers.

Tremors most commonly appear in the hands, arms, and legs, though other areas may be affected.

These drugs block the action of dopamine on the brain even though normal levels are present.

In addition, carbon monoxide and manganese poisoning can instigate the condition, as well as other brain tissue abnormalities such as tumors and infarcts.

The arms do not swing in coordination with the usual stride.

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