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It is known that Parkinson's disease can occur secondarily to several known causes, including the ingestion of anti-psychotic drugs such as reserpine.Reserpine is a plant alkaloid derivative of the Indian herb Sarpagandha, also called Rauwolfia Serpentina.

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Parkinson's disease, known in Ayurveda as "Kampavata," is a neurological disorder affecting 1% of the population over age 65 and is the fourth most common neurological degenerative disorder found in the elderly.

However, earlier references to this condition preceding industrialization are numerous.

Small movements of the hands and fingers may eventually be difficult.

This condition, called micrographia, can make ordinary daily activities such as buttoning a shirt very difficult.

Other signs of autonomic nervous system dysfunction may or may not be present, including orthostatic hypotension, constipation and urinary hesitancy Diagnosis is based primarily on signs and symptoms.

Resting tremors (tremors which occur when the body is at rest and there is no voluntary initiation of motion) along with rigidity, loss of facial expression or gait abnormalities strongly suggests the disease.The arms do not swing in coordination with the usual stride.The face may appear without expression (mask face), dull, or depressed; though no depression may be present. The voice becomes monotone and expressionless, further causing some to mistake this as depression. Vishada (depression) can accompany the disease, but the symptoms of mask face and monotone voice occur as a part of Parkinson's disease and should not be confused with depression.Upon examination, passive movements of the limbs produce what is commonly called "cogwheel rigidity." This is an unconscious resistance to passive motion causing the limb to move with irregular starts and stops, or a ratchet type motion.Sensory examination and reflexes are usually normal.The most common recognizable symptom of Parkinson's disease is known as a "pill rolling tremor." In this condition, the thumb and fingers move uncontrollably in a manner resembling the rolling of a pill between the fingers.

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