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For more information, see Establishing Date of Separation in a Virginia Divorce.

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While entering into a separation agreement is not required to live separate and apart, it certainly helps.

Without a separation agreement in place, the parties can still “separate” for purposes of a no-fault divorce by (a) physically separating (which usually means one party moving out) with (b) at least one party having the intent that the separation would be permanent.

In (2002), a wife found a videotape of her husband having sex with another woman.

She then moved all of his belongings into another bedroom, and they stopped having sex.

The wife also asked her husband repeatedly to move out of the house, thereby establishing her intent to separate.

Further, she no longer deposited funds into the parties’ joint bank accounts, and the wife ceased attending church and other family functions with her husband.So, what does it mean to live “separate and apart” for purposes of a no-fault divorce on the ground of separation in Virginia?Caselaw provides for a number of different indicia of a “separation” for these purposes.On the question of intent, one must look for the date on which one of the parties decided that the marriage was over communicated that fact to their spouse.In many cases there was a text message or an email, but often there was simply a conversation.However, the Court of Appeals found these facts alone were insufficient to prove that the parties were cohabiting.

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