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In order to facilitate the latter, and later because he had genuinely developed feelings for Akemi, Shuichi saw himself forced to break up his then on-going relationship with Jodie.

Later on, his cover in the Black Organization was accidentally blown by his colleague Andre Camel, and when Akemi was killed, he declared her murderer, Gin (with whom he seems to have had some tensions even before his exposure), his personal enemy.

Although at first he was simply using Akemi as a tool, they both fell in love with each other.

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His superior is James Black and his partner is Jodie Starling.

and dated Akemi Miyano, one of their low-ranking members, to feed information to the FBI.

He is a skilled and relentless pursuer and detective, qualities which have labeled him the number one enemy of the Black Organization and earned him the nickname "Silver Bullet".

He looks forward to opportunities to hunt the Black Organization down and get revenge for Akemi.

The men force-feed him an experimental poison that is supposed to kill without leaving a trace, and flee the scene.

However, Shinichi survives thanks to a one-in-a-million failure rate and discovers that the side effects of the drug have instead de-aged him into a six-year old body.His sharp analytical mind connects clues faster than anyone else, and local law-enforcement agencies frequently ask him for help.One day he happens to witness a crime committed by two men in black and is knocked out by them.After he left Japan, his younger sister Masumi was born.Shuichi didn't get to meet her before he returned to Japan after seven years in the states, but Shukichi sent him pictures of her. Five years prior to the current time-line, FBI agent Shuichi Akai infiltrated the Black Organization using the alias Dai Moroboshi as a mole and dated Akemi Miyano, one of their low-ranking members, in order to meet Shiho Miyano, a high-ranked member codenamed Sherry, and use her influence to get into the Black Organization.To find out what pages will be safe for you to read, please consult our wiki spoiler policy.

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