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Finally, many young people are entering the labor market without a broad set of skills that the market wants.NOW: So what happens to all these unemployed young people?NOW: The cost of a wedding, on average, in the Middle East is very high. can do a lot because it has one of the best records of harnessing youth energy. engagement in the region has focused on defense and diplomacy. has focused on development, it has been in the context of the fight against terrorism.

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However, if squandered, the hopelessness among a large youthful population can drain economic development and social cohesion.

NOW: How have religious groups responded to this marriage crisis?

Adulthood eludes them because they are deprived of the building blocks of adulthood: skills, jobs, housing, credit and spouses.

Because difficulties in one area of life spill over into the others, youth find themselves in a debilitating state.

NOW: What's the downside to marrying later in life? It's important to understand the significance of marriage in most Middle Eastern societies. Your rite of passage to adulthood is secured by marriage.

And sexual relationships are only really approved and remain legitimate in the Middle East within the institution of marriage.By staying longer in education, they are marrying later and are probably likely to have fewer children.So there's a positive side to this, in the sense that it frees women from early childbearing, and as well it expands their opportunities for education and work life.Jobs require skills; housing and credit demand stable incomes; and marriage requires all of these.NOW: Why can't people just be unemployed and get married anyway?Those working often end up in the informal sector where wages are low.

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