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It is therefore integrated in the EU’s Neighbourhood Policy, which aims to promote closer relationships with the new neighbouring states.The overarching objective is to tangibly improve the political, social, economic and ecological situation, with a mutual commitment to sustainable development.

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Despite being largely deserted today, it is an impressive example of funerary art, with many of the burials dating back to the nineteenth century.

It extends for one hundred hectares, amongst gravestones carrying carvings of the Lions of Judah and the hands representing the blessing of the Driving in the country, it is possible to find many similar burial places, such as in Leova, Balti, Ribnita and Edinet.

German international cooperation with Moldova focuses on promoting modernisation in the agricultural sector and the food processing industries, as well as on improving vocational training and municipal services.

GIZ also supports selected municipalities and districts with participatory budgeting, public tendering and project management with a view to integrated regional development.

The country’s economic strength is further weakened by the long-standing and unresolved conflict over the breakaway region of Transnistria: this is where a significant part of industrial production is concentrated.

Romania’s accession to the European Union (EU) has made Moldova an EU neighbour.

A further priority area is the promotion of German-Moldovan business relations by means of training for Moldovan managers to help generate business contacts.

at the end of the 1980s and continuing during the collapse of the Soviet empire, up to fifty thousand Jews emigrated to Israel, leaving many of the remaining historical Jewish sites virtually abandoned.

Dubai is tolerant and cosmopolitan and all visitors are welcome.

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