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This is just about her perfumes and when they were made, and how to date her bottles.

Lil Wayne signed Chanel to his label Young Money Entertainment in 2012.

She went on to release her mixtape Now You Know in 2013 featuring Snoop Dogg, French Montana, Ty Dolla $ign, Robin Thicke and Honey Cocaine.

So, you MUST know dates of launch of perfume and/or clues on the box, to date (with a minimum of accuracy) your vintage perfume.

It's important to say that -since there are no correlations with years- you will never have 100% accuracy....unless you get official statements from Chanel.

-Barcode sulla scatola: è apparso nel 1990, quindi la data generica è : dopo il 1990 .

- Green Dot sulla scatola: è apparso nel 1992, quindi la data generica è : dopo il 1992 . I numeri nel caso di Chanel sono generalmente incisi sul lato posteriore del flacone vicino alla base .

Riley Sky of Dropkick Divas Media gave the mixtape a grade of B-, saying "Now You Know accomplishes [the] mission" of "[selling] West Coast as an independent woman, its hip-hop-inspired vibe makes "Now You Know" fiercely individual".

She released her second mixtape WAVES featuring YG and B-Real.

In 2015, West Coast released a new song that was featured on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory called Bass In The Trunk.

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