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The growth of billiards led to the development of a material that would come to define the modern world.

Without billiards, we might never have discovered plastic.

For many decades, starting in the mid-19th Century, billiards was the one of the most popular amusements.

A hundred years ago, there were 830 pool halls in the city of Chicago. Billiards is not what it used to be—but we continue to live in a world affected by its former prominence.He opened huge billiards halls in San Francisco and New York.And Phelan believed that to further popularize the game of billiards, he would need to standardize the gear.In this article, you will learn about the tables used in billiards.You will discover how they are put together and learn about slate.Billiards, also known as cue sports or pool, is a variety of games of skill played on a clothed table bounded by cushions using cue sticks to strike balls to move around to achieve a specific goal.

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