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One can find many examples of this type of separation from grand to uprights. These instruments carry two identifiable serial numbers; one from the original company who built the instrument and then one from Schultz.

Here is an example of that type of dating in a Collard & Collard piano from 1849.

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Continue Reading The Baldwin Acrosonic piano was introduced in 1936 and eventually became one of the most popular pianos in the world.

Its small size, reasonable price and good quality made it very attractive to consumers who wanted a compact piano of at least adequate quality.

The sources of information for the publishers of these books are the manufacturers of pianos or other sources like museums or historical piano collections.

The Piano atlas can be a minefield at times, especially when one is using a North American publication in an attempt to date a European instrument or a piano from Britain.

The piano is also easy to move because of its compact size, making it ideal for people living in small spaces.

The Baldwin Piano Company started in 1862 with the ventures of Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, a piano teacher based in Cincinnati. It went on to be the largest manufacturer of pianos and keyboards based in the United States.In the European atlas, I discover that the serial number for Zimmermann grand pianos ran a different sequence, and Serial number 42.This is another example of how manufacturers kept track of the units built. This company has an exclusive arrangement with several piano manufacturers to make upgraded versions of their instruments that are then modified in the Schultz factory.In the early days of piano making some companies switched to a different series of serial numbers every year and did not keep the same sequence.Some did this to keep the competition confused as to unit output; pianos were as competitive then as computers are today.This is why there are several atlas publications one can purchase.

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