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This may allow generalized dating but could not be considered a guide to specific production years.

Serial numbers for this company from 1913-1919 range from 23,000-29,000.

A good example of how number series were often chosen to correspond to year numbers.

When I was contracted by the owner to make improvements on this instrument, I found the original date from the factory and then The best guide for finding the age of your instrument is your piano tuner.

The tradition of leaving personal marks or initials developed very early in the piano industry; often it is possible to come close to the year of manufacture by examining these “hidden” marks that are no doubt inscribed on your piano somewhere.

In the early days of piano making some companies switched to a different series of serial numbers every year and did not keep the same sequence.

Some did this to keep the competition confused as to unit output; pianos were as competitive then as computers are today.Some of these marks will be easy for the untrained eye to locate; others will require the skill of a trained eye or the skilled hand of an experienced technician.Often times efforts are made to determine age by cabinet style or case design.This is why there are several atlas publications one can purchase.Some cover the serial numbers of instruments from other continents in a more complete way than the domestic publication.The sources of information for the publishers of these books are the manufacturers of pianos or other sources like museums or historical piano collections.

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