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1200 or 1100 series); the second two numbers indicate the percentage of chlorine by mass in the mixture.

Thus, Aroclor 1260 is a 1200 series product and contains 60% chlorine by mass.

They can generate extremely toxic dibenzodioxins and dibenzofurans through partial oxidation.

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Other physical and chemical properties vary widely across the class.

As the degree of chlorination increases, melting point and lipophilicity increase, and vapour pressure and water solubility decrease.

In contrast, the major open application of PCBs was in carbonless copy ("NCR") paper, which even presently results in paper contamination.

Other open applications were as plasticizers in paints and cements, stabilizing additives in flexible PVC coatings of electrical cables and electronic components, pesticide extenders, reactive flame retardants and sealants for caulking, adhesives, wood floor finishes, such as Fabulon and other products of Halowax in the U.

It is a myth that the first two digits referred to the number of carbon atoms; the number of carbon atoms do not change in PCBs.

The 1100 series was a crude PCB material which was distilled to create the 1200 series PCB product.

Use of PCBs is commonly divided into closed and open applications.

hydraulic fluids, lubricating and cutting oils, and the like.

The European region follows with nearly 450,000 tonnes through 1984.

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