Dating antique trunk hardware

MFG CO not YALE & TOWNE , which was on many of the locks , if that helps.. I'm trying to find a key for a old Yale & Towne lock I purchased.

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( Only post 1950's examples eliminate the Stockwell and patent date references).

Although usually given a date of 1721, it has many features, such as the two end .

The lock was made in stamford ct and has the patent dates on the bottom as .

Forum Antique- Locks The Forum Miscellaneous Question & Answer Forum; Yale and Towne Lock .. I wondered how old this Yale Lock might be and did a bit of googling and I really am not sure.

Yale and Towne Manufacturing Company, 200 Henry St., manufactures Yale locks , .

Linus Yale made the first cylinder lock in the world at Stamford in 1848,. new -car brochures for American automobiles dating back to 1952.

Hi: I have an old Brass/Bronze Yale & Towne Padlock from my .

Can anyone identify the model of this lock with approximate date of.

Yale & Towne Manufacturing Co., Stamford, Connecticut - 3 movements, Type .

Nearly all time locks using this size movement were equipped with later Seth .

If your knobs are loose and need fine tuning in fit, etc., that can be a post for a future date .

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