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If you’ve ever felt like your partner is speaking another language, this might be the translation dictionary you need.

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The book offers “a foolproof four-step cure for Relationship Repetition Syndrome (RRS).” Amazon reviews call the work “inspiring” and “just what the doctor ordered.” Social Clout: 285 followers, 50 likes URL: Bragging Rights: For strong women The fantastically titled “Why Men Love Bitches” is New York Times bestselling author Sherry Argov’s guide to helping women hold their own in a relationship.

Published in 2002, the book is the first in the “Bitches” series.

") to heavy hitters ("What’s the prevailing theme of your life? Shop the book: Taking a scientific approach to what keeps marriage—and other romances—blissful, psychology professor and National Public Radio guest John Gottman distills his decades of clinical "love lab" research into this book.

First looking at seven common relationship-wounding practices, he then offers small and simple changes that will transform your union into an emotionally intelligent partnership.

Well, that’s the premise of author Susan Page’s bestselling relationship book.

Page offers 10 strategies to better self-understanding and a fulfilling relationship with revealing anecdotes, case studies and quizzes.Shop the book: If “‘till death do us part” is the goal, this slender book will help you get there with a healthy dose of adventure.Document your dreams and aspirations as a couple and then get down to business checking them off your list.With Amazon reviews like “Where has this been all my life?” the book has proven to strike a chord with readers.Since its original publication in 1992, the book has sold more than 50 million copies in 50 different languages.

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