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It is quite common to see 20 or 30-year old Vietnamese women with 50 or 60-year old men (Vietkieu) from United States, Canada, Australia, and other Western countries. Is it better to get married with a young man in Vietnam or an old man in USA?

Is it a wise choice to choose an older man to marry? Most of these Vietnamese brides will choose an old man after they came to these countries.

He went online to research how Asian-American men are perceived and realized that Asian-American men are viciously stereotyped as being effeminate.

He told me that it all boils down to the myth that Asian men all have small penises.

They know that if they come to Vietnam, they have a chance to marry a young girl. Sometimes older men with younger wife will make the man feel young. Most of single women in Vietnam get married with these old men because of the land of opportunities we mentioned above.

My point is, if a Vietkieu gets married with a young wife, he will feel younger. So, it is just about money and future that they are willing to do so.

She has 3 sons, two of them who looked white and had no confidence and social issues. But her third and youngest son, 14 years old, looked the most Asian and was the shyest, least confident and least outgoing of her sons.

She had tried to send him to various summer camps and sign him up for sports and other things when she called me up.

Most guys want to get married with young girls who are less than 10, 15, 20 and maybe 30 years old.

As women in Vietnam consider those Western countries we mention above are the land of opportunities so they are willing to get married with older men. Most of Vietnam women who come to these countries have better future.

He was bullied for not looking "American." He was bullied for having rice or noodles in his lunchbox instead of peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches. The bullying contributed to a feeling of not belonging, and a feeling of racial and ethnic self-hatred.

But the most harmful bullying and stereotyping occurred when he became a teenager and began to embark on romantic relationships.

Asia is such a huge continent that I don't think that any generalizations can be made about men of Asian descent except for the generalization that they are men, and that their lineage is Asian! Ranier has overcome this bullying and now believes that being an Asian-American man is a gift.

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