Dating a trinidadian woman

#Ebrahim Aseem But if you want a goofy, deep, super flawed, super genuine soul, I will love you so consistently, you will become that love.

Worst mistake I ever made was choosing a self-proclaimed "bad bitch" over a sweet woman.

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It will heal you, understand you & be patient with your trust.

I like conversing about growth & building a future.

Instead of asking deep, interesting questions getting to know you & your perspective on life, the universe & why we are here, they spend the whole conversation asking emotional questions like: “who is that same girl who keeps commenting your picture?

” Which is a silly question, because if a man has never told you with actions his intentions with you, where he sees y’all going, his dreams, ambitions, career plan, what he wants out of life & why he wants you in his, you are dating a boy.

Don't get being his woman confused with "being his mother".

#Ebrahim Aseem If she cut your inconsistent ass off, chances are she used that knife you stabbed her in the back with.

#Ebrahim Aseem Stop wasting years & tears waiting for that neglecting, cheating, can’t text back but can like 157 girls pics on Instagram ass lame to change for you.

A man changes for himself & grows for his self love.

If only more women CHOSE to ONLY entertain men who value them & think like this.

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