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Art surviving from that period are Stone Age expressions and is simple and reflects the available material.Only the truly persistent art forms have survived the ravages of time: petroglyphs, are such an expression.

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The pompous, happy and decorative made its entrance in the 17th century Great Power - during the 17th and 18th centuries the first few decades - was a grand time for architecture.

A number of castles, mansions and churches built, like the Royal Palace, meant that artists were called from abroad.

One period when Nordic art exerted a strong influence over the rest of northern Europe was in Viking art, and there are many survivals, both in stone monuments left untouched around the countryside, and objects excavated in modern times.

The Reformation greatly disrupted Swedish artistic traditions, and left the existing body of painters and sculptors without large markets.

Among famous Swedish artists are Johan Tobias Sergel, Carl Milles, Anders Zorn, Carl Larsson and Carl Eldh.

When the ice age ended, the Scandinavian peninsula was populated from the south by hunters and gatherers.Several works from this period exhibit a French influence, for example the triumphal cross from Öja Church, Gotland and St. There are also Gothic monumental paintings on wood in Sweden.Visual narratives gained momentum in the churches in central Sweden in the late 15th century by masters such as Nils Håkansson, Master Petrus.Swedish art refers to the visual arts produced in Sweden or by Swedish artists.Sweden has existed as country for over 1,000 years, and for times before this, as well as many subsequent periods, Swedish art is usually considered as part of the wider Nordic art of Scandinavia.Håkansson's student, Albert the painter, however, was to become far more famous for his religious paintings in Uppland.

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