Dating a married man for money orlando bloom and diane kruger dating

This happens if their intentions are not worthy and it’s obvious they’re not.

The married man can deceive you for months, even years, and leave you confused about why there is no commitment.

You’re in effect forcing him to choose between you and his family.

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Understand that if the married man decides to divorce for his wife, the survival of your marriage is low.

If he is living this deception today, can you trust him if you get into a legitimate relationship?

Understand the basics of what you are getting into and what your status is. You have to make sure that you and your married lover set boundaries of your relationship.

When dating a married man you have to keep your feelings of jealousy in check.

Take into account that you only know what he tells you.

He’s already a liar since he is living a lie with his wife and family.

Never try to position yourself between your married lover and his family.

This advice is for your own self-interest and your married lover as well.

Otherwise it can lead you into making decisions that can ruin his family, your lover or yourself.

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