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I didn’t learn that until after we broke up and her friend told me. But now I kind of almost don’t want to date a horse-lover. Country girls with horses are great but city girls with horses tend to be pretentious. As mentioned, yes, “daddy’s money” can be seen as a red flag, but there are as many, if not more genuine hard working horse-women out there. Yes, I don’t notice the smell of horse shit either, but most people do, so you’ve got to respect that. If you’re aware of the hot/crazy scale, you’ll understand this one. My particular horse girl doesn’t typically like “horse people.” She says that they are crazy. Despite all this love they saddle, whip and ride them, but want them to love then? It’s sort of like a jeep that costs 10 grand a year to maintain and can’t be stored in the suburbs.

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Horseback riding can induce confidence in a person. From my experience, women that like horses or that have horses can be immature, pretentious, obsessive and maybe this last one doesn’t go for all but two of them did have daddy issues. If I had to do it all over again, I’d have limited her to two. dated a horse girl and the problem that I found was that the cost of the sport typically meant certain classes of people get into riding.

I do fence and stall repairs and such and feed the morning shift given she’s caring for a 94 year old Dad.

You might think it'll be awesome to take your girl out and brag about the fact that she can control a 1200 pound beast with her small body, but good luck actually getting her there. Did her favorite character in The Walking Dead die? Sure, you might walk in and feel like you are visiting a foreign supermarket.

Your girl will become your snuffeupagus because she more than likely will not physically be with you. But to your girl, the tack store is her candy store. When you take her out to a normal store, you might be lucky to see her pay for anything over $20.

The observation I made is that horse girls have a weird attitude towards men (at least I can only talk about my male point of view) and tend to be controlling.

My theory is that there are similarities in their relationship with horses and men. The problem is that horses are an enormous commitment. 99% of them are too busy being spoiled princesses spending daddy’s money (soon your money) to be worth dating for anything other than temporary social status boost. ): Fellas, what’s the reason girls who like horses is seen as a red flag? Whether you like it or not, here’s what they had to say. Don’t do it boys this horse girl is looking for pointers to hide her crazy. Girls who have horses have zero time for much life outside of taking care of the horse. Obviously, you need to be hot to counter the crazy and make you dateable… Like with many things, it only becomes an issue when it’s not “a thing you do”, but when it’s the thing that you do. So as a rule, if you’re looking for people whose priorities in life are way out of order, which is often symptomatic of other issues, horse girls are a great place to start. They’re just weird, like literally every single time I’ve met one they’ve been off, and it’s always in the same way. Many here talk about horse girls being pretentious or privileged and it might be one of the reasons. It goes: 1: THE HORSE(S) 2: DADDY’S MONEY 3: YOUR MONEY 4: YOU 3. I had always been puzzled as to why she never invited me over. Horsey people are crazy, that’s a fact, what sane person would get on a ton heavy animal that could easily kill you. Although she didn’t get horses until after I proposed. That said, there are universal advantages and disadvantages: She’ll often smell like a barn. I wish everyone could own a horse if they wanted, but economic realities mean that the horse has to be a really flipping high priority in a person’s life to be there at all, often beyond what is reasonable. Not fair to judge everyone, but I have to this day not met someone that treats me as good as they treat their horse. I love this question because it is so superficial but has some truths in it that are really hard to explain. Because every girl with a horse on those farmer dating sites is only looking for a place to keep her horse.If you are horsey person, you’ll understand how important it is to find someone who loves horses just as much as you do; whether that’s dressage, eventing, show jumping or looking after a horse.By joining popular horsey dating website Muddy Matches, you can find single equestrians from across the UK and Ireland, who share your passion for equines and understand that your horse will always come first! If you’re looking for ideas for horse riding dates, you could head to our Country Calendar to find details of events in your area, including listings of every point-to-point in the UK.These have come from the washing machine because your horsey significant other has washed their saddlecloths and horse rugs in there, despite you insisting that they stop doing that.

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