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I’ll write to her every hour: "Mum, everything’s good here, the music is great," or I’ll send her a few pictures with my friends.I move in different social circles and people often call me “Nina the party girl” or “Nina the ‘techno cobra.’” The Afisha magazine once had a quiz on how well you know the Moscow club scene, and my result was “Techno Cobra.” The name has stuck ever since. “Face control” is strict here in Russia, but I always stood firm with a glamorous face and they’d let me through. When I was 16, I started dating a guy 10 years older than me.Sometimes it makes me upset to see how some ladyboys make advantage of them, because they’re fucking serious and good guys!

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I don’t really look my age — I have a sort of “resting bitch face.” But really I am just vulnerable and sensitive and I've created a shell around myself.

In the 10th grade, when I switched to a new school, nobody spoke to me because they thought I was a glamorous moron.

You have the good old christian values that make you a “good guy”: faithful, loyal, supportive.

Because you’re a westerner, society already conditioned you to plan for the future, have savings, be wise in your spendings…Get a girlfriend when you’re in Asia for holidays, I will advise your to be careful, sit down and think after the flow of emotions is gone.

For Europe this is an innovation, but we see this every day on the outskirts of Moscow. It’s like with a family — you scold your brother, but you’ll still tell others how much you love him.

I feel proud to be associated with quirky stereotypes. We might not have this thing or that thing — there are imperfections here.

Many ladyboys are very good at seducing men and making them fall in love.

Unfortunately, the good guys and the genuine ladyboys don’t always meet.

It was a good experience because I realized that every job can become routine. You have an idea, and then you have designers and programmers to execute it. Russia has unique stereotypes that don’t exist anywhere else, like pickled tomatoes, bears and the balalaika.

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