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What helped me was pointing at a photo [of food], saying something as if I were murmuring, letting them answer me and saying 'yes.' But I didn't know what they were going to give me. I went hungry a lot because I've always hated pickles.

A lot of times the food at Mc Donald's came with a lot of pickles, and when I ordered I'd grab the food, go to the hotel, sit down to eat and open it to find pickles.

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I didn't know how to say 'phone card.' The lady asked me, 'How can I help you? I waited until no one was left but myself and the cashier." "In my first year, there was a player of Cuban descent who spoke Spanish and English well.

I asked him if I could bring him one English word a day and he'd teach me how to use it in a sentence.

We went for groceries together and one of us cooked, another one did the dishes. When I played Single-A, I was with Nelson Cruz, who was playing with Oakland, and he was the cooking guy.

He always made a pot of chicken thighs." "I brought a cookbook with me from the Dominican Republic. When the season started, most of the guys and I went grocery shopping together, and then I cooked.

I used to have a roommate and he was Puerto Rican, born in the U. I would ask him what to say to her, and he would tell me in English, and I would say it over the phone." "[My wife] knew a little Spanish and I knew a little English [when we met].

As our relationship got more formal, things got difficult for my family and her family.

I was never afraid that people would make fun of me when I said a wrong word." "I tried to learn a new word every day at the stadium, things like dirt, grass, screen, objects in the dugout, chewing gum.

As a catcher, [language] is my main weapon, because if I couldn't communicate with pitchers, I wouldn't be able to do anything." "I always surrounded myself with the American players, and I think that's what helped me.

I'd immediately throw it in the trash." "It's no secret that after eating in restaurants for two weeks straight, food just does not taste the same. I learned how to eat sushi, all kinds of food to have some variety, and that helped." "Once, I checked into a hotel. My kids were telling me: 'Daddy, I want to eat real food.' One day, we had rice and chicken for them.

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