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That isn’t to say you won’t find secular families that are very open-minded and will accept you with open arms, but these are not as common.

After all, not many expat women dream of living in the kingdom, and many Saudi men know this.

You may not be allowed to eat pork or drink alcohol anymore.

You may also be required to wear the full veil, which includes the niqab that covers the face, even if you travel outside of the kingdom.

You definitely need to meet the Saudi man’s family to ascertain whether you can get along with them, and whether he is serious and single.

There are many Saudi men that are secular and open-minded.

Converting to Islam means fasting during the holy month of Ramadan and praying five times a day.

Some Saudi men will not expect you to pray five times a day, but will appreciate it if you do.

This would apply more to those who marry into traditional families.

When non-Saudi women get involved with Saudi men and marriage is in the cards, rules of travel must be obeyed. But once married, you cannot legally exit the kingdom without your husband’s written consent. The same applies to children you have together, as well as those from a previous marriage.

Marriage is expected at a young age in Saudi society. You don’t want to get caught up in Saudi Arabia’s harsh punishment laws for adultery.

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