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Daniele felt that Eric was the one responsible for casting the second vote against Kail, which everyone attributed to her best friend Nick.While picking players for the Veto Competition, Daniele drew Jameka's name, Jen drew Dustin's name, and Kail drew Zach's name.During the competition, called "Hide and Seek Veto", players had one minute to hide a veto box inside the Big Brother house.

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On Day 34, the houseguests competed in the Endurance Head of Household, called Times Up, in which houseguests hung upside down on rocking pendulums.

If a player fell off their pendulum, or their torso was raised above the bar, they would be eliminated.

The competition titled The Numbers Don't Lie saw players having to bid how many hours they would be willing to do a horrid task. If a player had the lowest, they would be eliminated, but if a player was in the middle, they would not have to do the task.

Jen won the Power of Veto after she agreed to wear a bunny suit for 120 hours, along with Daniele, Kail, and Zach, who had to dump smelly funk on themselves for 24 times every hour, along with Daniele, Jameka, Kail, and Zach, who had to eat slop for 720 hours, along with Kail, and receive only half of the $500,000 prize money in the event she won Big Brother.

On Day 35, Kail and Jen were nominated together for the third week in a row.

Daniele confirmed to Kail that she was just a pawn, and she did indeed have a backdoor plan in mind.

Throughout the season, she managed to win several competitions (2 Ho H's and 5 Po V's), which ultimately got her and Evel Dick, to finale night.

She ended up coming in 2nd place, only receiving 2 votes to win. After Dick left the game, Daniele was given a Golden Key, allowing her to stay until the final ten.

Entering the house as a part of the Veterans Alliance, she teamed up with newbies Porsche Briggs and Kalia Booker.

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