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The New Yorker Radio Hour (Episode 7, The Mayor and the Mormon Church, and Roger Angell), starting at minute 25, David Remnick talks to Roger Angell about editing fiction at the New Yorker and about his story "This Old Man," about aging and loss.

Thinking Fiction: An Overview of the World of Fiction Copyediting (Amy Schneider, on An American Editor, 9-8-14) A checklist of what you will and won't do as a good fiction copyeditor.

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25 Things to Look for in a Romance Editor (Cate Hogan, fiction editor and romance writer, July 2017) Copyediting and the Power of Word Choices: An Interview with Sara Brady on copyediting romance novels (Smart Podcast, Trashy Books #197, 6-3-16) Listen, or scroll down to click on and read a transcript.

Check out the archive for Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.

Comparing Mockingbird the result of two years of arduous revisions with Watchman demonstrates clearly just how important a good editor can be.

Put simply, where Mockingbird beguiles, dazzles and moves to tears as it conveys core values of empathy and human decency, Watchman horrifies with its ugly racism, even as it emotes and moralizes didactically, clunkily and shrilly." A review worth reading, which may make you curious about the early novel.

Some publishing houses provide their own sensitivity readers, particularly in genressuch as young adult literaturewhere the industry feels protective of its audience.

The responses flow back to the author as part of the editorial process, and each reader earns a modest honorarium. A realistic look at error rates in fiction, in particular.

Rewrite versus Revise versus Edit (Valerie Comer on the differences between rewriting, revising and editing, 4-11-13) On Books: Visions and Revisions (Part 1, Alison Parker, on An American Editor, 8-3-16) Alison compares a children's novella, Sara Crewe, or, What Happened at Miss Minchins Boarding School , to the novel it became seventeen years later, A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Between the novella and the novel, Burnett "was asked to turn the initial story into a play, which began its run a couple of years before she expanded her story into a novel." Parker uses the differences between the two works to bring the concept "show, not tell" to life for creative writing students.

(Nathan Bransform, agent-turned-author, 10-5-09) Should I Hire a Freelance Editor?

(agent Rachelle Gardner, 3-25-10) Should You Hire a Professional Editor? They can say why your storyline isnt working and ask the right questions for you to realize how to fix it.

Heller Mc Alpin's review of Harper Lee's novel 'Go Set a Watchman' (San Fran Chronicle, 7-10-15) helpfully compares it to 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' which it became.

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