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Vernon and Cupid spent “three idyllic years” hunting together in the countryside around the family’s farm in Essex.

Ranald, who was a lieutenant colonel in the Territorial Army, never expected the war, and in fact resigned his commission in February 1914, because he had reached his 40s.

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Cupid was absolutely terrified of this thing.” The battery was stationed near the Pyramids for months, ready to fend off an expected Turkish attack on the Suez Canal.

The horses began to be plagued by flies, and Cupid was issued with a specially-designed fly fringe to alleviate the worst of the “torment”.

But war was declared just six months later, and Lt Col Laurie enlisted at once, joining the 271st Brigade of the Royal Field Artillery.

He bought 131 horses for the battery and readied the family’s horses for action.

For more than three years, Cupid, a bay mare from Essex, rode back and forth from the trenches in France, trekked across the Sinai desert and dodged shellfire during bloody battles for Gaza.

Now, her owner’s grandson has unearthed the remarkable story of how she helped his grandfather and great-grandfather wage war a century ago, trotting for days without water, enduring cramped conditions on two long sea crossings and even pursuing Turkish troops out of Palestine.

Each day, the horses would ride out into the desert as their owners looked for places to position their guns to hold off a potential attack. “Each of the four 12-pounder guns needed 12 horses to drag it through the sand.” But there was no Turkish assault on Suez, and the battery was given orders to advance on Gaza, the Turkish stronghold in Palestine.

After an extremely testing trek through the desert, both men and horses saw their first major action of the war at the First Battle of Gaza, in March 1917.

Flashlight, though, was so exhausted after the battle that he sat down under Lt Col Laurie, “just to rest”.

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