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You can pick my brains on local knowledge and the English language. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me! I'm riho and I'm a native Japanese speaker. if you are interested in Japanese culture such as Japanese Manga, Anime, Karate, and history, I can give you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy them together! Tuition fee- lessons will be taught one on one at per hour Location- tutoring will be held in Melbourne CBD.

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i make some friends who from Korea and Japan and trying to learning korean if i have time It's hard to get an opportunity to improve my Korean.

Soooooo- I'd love to make new こんにちは!ダニエルと申します.

With this experience I am obviously very familiar with children and Japanese. I am looking for Chinese who are interested to learn Japanese. I live in Oakleigh but I can drive so I would be able to visit your location. I would love to meet up with a Japanese person, to discuss cultural matters and also learn some more Japanese. I am seeking genuine exchange with a native Ja Hi, there! I'm looking for language exchange partner who is learning Japanese or want to start learning Japanese!

I am happy to work individually with stude Hi there. I am a native, male English speaker, polite and pleasant company. I don't care if you are native English speaker or not.

In the past I have taught in classrooms to groups of people and also private lessons.

I have also conducted lessons over Skype; so if you would like to learn from the comfort of your own home we can do a Skype lesson!The meeting will be informal and I like to chat about my Japanese studies or anything about life. Looking for friendly people who are interested in language exchange.Get in touch with me if this is something that intere( Females Only ) Hi my names Rachel, I want to help your time in Australia easier by teaching you about Australia and it's people and it's language and be friends.It means I will be available as per your time and place . I worked at University and I know vocabulary quite formal and informal as well. For more information send me an email, a text message~ :) PS. Thanks~ Have a nice da Hi Im a Japanese male, live in Sydney, originally born in Kyoto Japan.If you have such desire just call or text me for further talking . Before I used to learn Spanish and now Im looking for a language swap partner. Hi there, I'm a nice guy live in Sydney in my thirties, of age, I'm very interested in Japanese culture, food & language as I like Japanese people's way of life. I have been in AUS more than 10 years and have experience to teach Japanese a lot. I am a male 25 (turning 26 this year) year old Japanese who is seeking to make friends with those who wish to learn the language with a native speaker.I want to practice my Japanese with someone in Sydney. I have many experiences to teach Japanese in Australia. Japan is one of the most interesting country for me to travel to, therefore, one day, I would like to visit Japan to explore the country & it's technological advancements. I look forward to your replies:)Hi Im a Japanese male, live in Sydney, originally born in Kyoto Japan. I can offer to teach Japanese / practice per hour, I can provide whatever you need; conversation, grammar check and Uni assignment review.. I live in Sydney southern area, but we can do lessons in CBD. I landed in Melbourne to start my life, but do not have many friends yet. I'm great at helping to explain grammar and at working on your pronunciation. Japanese as a language tutor My name is Satoshi and I was born Hyogo of Japan. p.s Love/ watching moves and anime, eating sweets,playing basketball,sailing Hate/MUSHROOM!! にほんご を まなびたいです。 なぜ なら、 ぶんか が すき で、 にほん に すみたい です。Hope you are having a nice day today.

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