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Ruby voices her concerns about Vicky joining the Giant as he is a very dangerous creature.Ruby helps Puss in Boots after a starstruck Rose tackles him.Basically, Whirlpool is a family-friendly site so don't offend, even in the context of describing a scene from a movie: it's not on and it won't be tolerated.

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Ruby is silly, goofy and completely infatuated with Hawk Snow White. When she's not thinking about him(which is rare) she seems like a nice girl with a stronger moral compass than Vicky and Cyrus.

However, when it concerns Hawk, all her good sense and brains disappear.

Whilst some scenes which are shocking might be the easiest to remember and describe, that doesn't mean they'll be OK to describe. Once inserted you will notice that the reply box will become auto-populated with the selected text and will automatically provide a handy link back to the quoted post.

***** Properly quoting the person to whom you are replying removes the confusion when there are multiple concurrent conversations happening.

She uses her magic to repair his art gallery and in payment, Puss gives her his favourite payment.

Ruby is wary of letting the Shortbread Witch back into the Fairy Tale Land as she is a deadly foe.

But if you're truly stumped the Whirlpool movie buff collective may be able to help. This includes no foul language and no depiction of sexual acts or overt violence.

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